Volunteer Opportunities

The Pan Valley Institute (PVI) needs the participation of individuals willing to donate their time to help us make the Central Valley a place where all people are respected, differences are embraced, and newly arriving immigrants and refugees are welcomed and supported in their effort to become active members of society.

We offer a wide range of opportunities to volunteer. We need youth, professional people, community organizers, popular educators, and people who can help with office duties, as well as people that have experience facilitating popular education gatherings. We also welcome the support of people who can attend community events and let the public know about the work we do. Youth who aspire to become photographers would also enjoy volunteering at PVI while improving their craft. Policy development experts and students are also welcome.

By volunteering at PVI, volunteers have the unique opportunity to meet new people and learn about the cultural diversity in the Central Valley, current issues that impact Valley communities, and the popular education process. Volunteering at PVI also provides an opportunity for youth to gain experience for the future.

If you are interested in volunteering, you may dowload a Tamejavi Volunteer Application.

You may also call PVI at (559) 222-7678 or e-mail us at