First Hmong American woman to hold an elected position in the Central Valley

Date: December 15, 2016

Ms. Lor is making history as the first Hmong American woman to hold an elected position in the Central Valley and the second in California as a whole. We at AFSC Pan Valley Institute are especially proud about Ms. Lor and her historical accomplishment. Ms. Lor was a participant of Pan Valley Institute's first attempts for strengthening immigrant women's leadership and building inter-ethnic relationships in the Central Valley.

Ms. Lor was part of a group of local Central Valley Mexican-Indigenous and Hmong women who worked together in 2001 and brought to light the emerging leadership of immigrant and refugee women in the Central Valley. These women, separated by geographic destinies and the circumstances that forced them to leave their homelands, ruptured their cultures and separated their families, came together by sharing a common social space with the intention of reaching a better understanding of their realities as women, mothers and as immigrants and refugees. This inter-ethnic exchange set the foundation that served as guidance for Pan Valley institute's current programs. It taught us how to facilitate and bring diverse groups together and of the importance of providing a space for their voices to be heard. Pan Valley Institute was very fortunate to have had Ms. Lor's dedicated contributions to this emerging group of inter-ethnic women.

Congratulations to one of our own, Lee Lor, from all of us at AFSC Pan Valley Institute!

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